Quartz Burner Applications:

Collapsing fiber optic tubes
Quartz Fabrication
Large diameter build-up
Inside enclosures
Mounts for Burners

Research and Development

Blue Flame Technology has developed a radically different nozzle for surface mix burners. Typical surface mix burners constructed of metal are limited due to the machining constraints of the configuration. In order to build a surface mix nozzle truly suited to quartz ware technology, a completely different approach had to be taken. The burner had to take in consideration its basic function which is to mix the gases at the discharge ports of the burner. Typical metal burners have independent discharge ports surrounded by atmospheric air. While metal burners will mix the gases they can not achieve the mixing of a true Hydrogen/Oxygen envelope excluding atmospheric air. The Blue Flame Burner achieves a high degree of a Hydrogen/Oxygen envelope, completely mixing gases at the discharge port. This new mixing process creates an "energy field" not obtainable with conventional metal burners.

If a new medium was going to be used, it should also take into consideration the aspect of contamination. Contamination had to be eliminated from the combustion process. Therefore, the medium not only had to be capable of being properly designed and manufactured, but it had to be contamination free. The obvious answer to these requirements is Quartz material.

Although the quartz eliminated the contamination problem, a design had to be found that would create the envelope necessary to completely mix the gases while excluding atmospheric air. Blue Flame found the answer and the result is a breakthrough in burner technology.

Blue Flame rectangular burners are well suited to this application. The burners will accomplish this task in one pass. Traditionally, the process required multiple passes. The shape and intensity of the flame will fire polish, to prevent Si02 build up, and anneal to prevent strain in the rod. Blue Flame's burner draws, fire polishes, and anneals in one operation.

Burner designs vary greatly depending upon the application. Blue Flame rectangular burners offer the greatest versatility for delivering energy in patterns most productive to shapes used in fiber optics. Rectangular burners can be constructed to deliver narrow bands of energy from top to bottom of most fiber optic products. The energy band can be expanded in any direction by adding jets or rows of jets as required.

The geometry of the round burner jets are in the center of the burner where the heat is highest. There is a temperature gradient from the center of the edge of the burner. Rectangular burners do not have this gradient because the jets are spaced evenly over the face of the burner assuring even temperatures across the entire burner area.

This burner is just one of many innovative designs using geometric patterns to increase productivity and reduce product loss due to fractures or contamination.

Blue Flame has also made advancements in hand torch construction. The classic style hand torch has valves mounted on the handle. Removing the valves from the handle and placing them on the bench or lathe reduces weight and size. Hoses are run from the valves located on the bench to the torch. It can now be easily positioned to deliver energy to difficult areas of work. Hand torches can be built in geometric patterns to produce even energy patterns or shapes.

Another improvement is the use of quartz instead of metal. Torches made of quartz accomplish work that cannot be done by metal ones. Applications involving fire polishing or sealing interior walls are not practical for metal torches. Heat reflecting back on the torch can actually affect the metal. Particles can flake off and are carried to the work surface by the flame. The result is contamination that can be seen on the work surface as specks or reddish discoloration.

Reflected heat will not affect quartz torches. Working confined spaces is easily completed without contamination.

Blue Flame has developed many torches and burners required for the latest technology in semi-conductor or fiber optic processing.